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Specialized For Local Area, Fitness Training Programs

General In Gym Fitness Training Programs

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Contact us by Here. Choose corporate fitness category and your contact information. We will get right back with you to get you started. 

We Offer:

- Business/ Office Organized Fitness Contests

- Personal Fitness Training Company Discounts for Employees

- Planned Company/Employee Fitness Goals

- Fitness/Health Tip of The Week

- Help with current body quirks and preventative care to help stop future physical problems

- Help with Office Ergonomics

- Proper Core Alignment/ Strengthening Exercises

- Proper ways to Relieve Stress in Healthy Ways

- Free Fitness/Health Newsletters

- State of the art Fitness Testing

- Mini Health Fair

- Group Personal Training

- Fitness Assessments

- Prizes for Completing Fitness Goals

- Online Health/Fitness Questions (24 hour turnaround maximum)

- Online Nutrition Planning and Exercising Recording (Where Available)

- On-Site Group fitness Classes (Where Available)

Benefit to Employor:

- Increase Employee Productivity 
- Reduce Employee Turnover 
- Reduce Health Care Costs 
- Reduce Absenteeism 
- Reduce Risk of Arthritis 
- Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis in Women 
- Improve the Cardiovascular System 
- Reduce Blood Pressure 
- Reduce Body Fat 

Contact us by Here. Choose a corporate fitness category and enter your contact information. 

We will get right back with you to get you started. 

You can get our whole services package or you can pick and choose our services.

We will bring a experienced, qualified personal trainer to your business and help you with your health/fitness goals to help your business/employees. 

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